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Moscow Mule
Rootside Ginger Beer Mixer

Ginger Beer Mixer

We make craft mixers designed for professional bars. Our Ginger Beer Mixer is made with fresh and organic ingredients and lightly sweetened with our Oak-Aged Simple Syrup. Just mix 1 part Rootside with 5 parts soda water or use it for anything that calls for ginger.


We’re 27% cheaper than the other ‘pre-carbonated’ brands, you won’t waste any more flat product and you’ll save a ton of space. Job done.
Taste is king at Rootside. If you’ve taken the time to find exceptional spirits, don’t waste them on second-rate mixers. Get the good stuff.

Fresh Ginger


After extensively taste testing over a dozen varieties of ginger from all around the world, we finally settled on a fresh Chinese varietal, Taiwan White Ginger. This varietal of ginger is grown in one of the world’s most premiere growing regions; producing 19% of the world’s ginger. Taiwan White is known for its large bulbous rhizomes and bright citrusy aroma. Its flavor profile is earthy and floral with hints of lemon. Perfect for a bold yet complex Ginger Beer.

Organic Lemons


The organic lemons we juice are grown in an incredible sun-drenched corner of northwest Sicily by a fourth generation family business that has been involved in the Sicilian citrus industry since 1890. These guys know how to grow delicious lip-puckering lemons. Their traditional cultivation practices and heritage lemon varieties ensure a balanced and nuanced flavor with the right mouthfeel for our craft Ginger Beer Mixer.

Himalayan Pink Salt


Salt makes things taste better. It’s as simple as that. But we didn’t want just any salt. Like our ginger, we wanted a salt that was buried deep in the earth. One that is found geographically close to the origin of our main ingredient and a salt that compliments and balances the strong ginger flavor. The answer was never going to be a beautifully crystallized West Coast sea salt, but a tough mineral-rich pink salt born in the mountains of Asia.

Oak-Aged Simple Syrup


We take our ingredients seriously. Not only does our fresh produce matter, but so does our sugar. After tasting over 40 varieties of sugar we found a raw organic cane sugar made from the evaporated juice of sugar cane grown in Paraguay. It’s rich in molasses and trace minerals, its flavor is complex, earthy and downright delicious. We dissolve this raw cane sugar in distilled Vancouver water before aging it in Amerian Oak, the same type of wood that is used in the aging of Bourbon and great Scotch whisky. This aging process creates a stunning aroma and marries the flavors of our ingredients in a way that was once only reserved for great whisky and wine. You’ve never had Ginger Beer as good as this.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

A 1941 classic, this cocktail is elevated by Rootside’s fresh ingredients and the subtle complexity of Odd Society‘s East Van Vodka.  Serve in a copper mug.


1 oz Rootside’s Ginger Beer Mixer
1/4 oz Fresh lime juice
1.5 oz Vodka (Odd Society‘s East Van Vodka)
Sparkling water or club soda



Fill a copper mug (or highball glass) with crushed ice. Add Rootside’s Ginger Beer Mixer, lime juice to taste, and vodka. Top off the rest of the mug with sparkling water or club soda. Gently stir to combine, garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy. If using a larger than normal mug, adjust to taste.

Lord 8 Deer Cocktail

Lord 8 Deer

Named after the 11th-century Oaxacan ruler, Eight Deer Jaguar Claw, this slightly smokey cocktail will have you clawing for eight more.


1 oz Rootside’s Ginger Beer Mixer
1/4 oz Fresh lime juice
1/3 oz Agave syrup
1.5 oz Añejo tequila
2 dashes Bittered Sling Moondog bitters
1/4 oz Mezcal



Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add Rootside’s Ginger Beer Mixer, lime juice, agave syrup, tequila and bitters. Stir until well chilled and strain into a double rocks glass over good ice. Top with mezcal and garnish with a lime peel. Enjoy.

Rootside Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

Did we mention Rootside can be used for anything that calls for Ginger? This exceptional ginger tea is quick to make, super delicious and a wise man once said it can cure any ailment, or maybe just your hangover.


1 oz Rootside’s Ginger Beer Mixer
Hot water



Find your favorite mug and add 1oz of Rootside. Add honey and lemon to taste, fill mug with hot water just before it reaches boiling temp. Enjoy.


Your drink deserves better. Based in Vancouver, BC, we seek to inspire consumers to explore great ingredients while striving to push boundaries, have fun and develop communities centred around fantastic food and delicious drinks.


If you’d like to get Rootside into your bar, or to just have a chat, please email us at